Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This past weekend a few of us from the south hills got together for a run on the newly opened section of the Montour Trail. The new section goes from Hendersonville to the Arrowhead Trail in Peters Township. This section is different than most of the Montour Trail, it has curves, bridges and one tunnel. The weather continues to be mild, so we enjoyed a nice run. Many of the local ultrarunners are starting their winter training routines. There appears to be quite a contingent going to the JFK50 later this month. I will try to get in touch with some of them for a race report.


  1. Hey, Rick! Just checking it out. I'm looking forward to a better way to track the Pittsburgh/western PA ultra running scene. Good idea.

  2. Rick - Peter Cusick here from the UK. I just wanted to say again how grateful I was for your help and encouragement during the DecaIron. Like I said - everyone should have (needs!) a Rick! The cut out bike shoes were a godsend. And loving that music! See ya.
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  3. I've been pounding the trail at Mingo about once a week lately. Nothing long, just one loop or so. I ran with David at Mingo the weekend before last. The trail there has been in the best shape I've seen...almost no mud! I'll be hitting it again this weekend, probably for 16, if anyone is interested.
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