Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ready for a Transition

Is it really Tuesday already? Time really does fly when you are having fun. The quintuple race is still close at the top. Wayne is slightly ahead of Andreas with with less than eighty laps to go. Michelle is a few laps behind Andreas (Each lap is 1.92 km). They are all riding laps in the four to five minute range most of the time. It will depend on the sleep strategy, but it looks as though all three should be on the run less than an hour apart. I guess things don't change much, as in most races, it still comes down to the run. Ilka is also not too far back, and she is a good runner, she has done well at single and double irn races in the past. As you know, it is hard to tell a good runner by appearance, but Andreas is built like one, he is tall and lean. With one hundred and thirty miles on foot ahead of them, it will be anyones race. The weather is clear and sunny with daytime temps in the seventies and night-time temps in the forties. Last night went much better than the night before. I think we have a good sleep strategy now, which should help for the run portion. In the big kids race, Kerri from Sweden has moved into second place behind Marcel from Germany. Marcel has been leading for most of the bike portion. Michael G. has slipped a few places but likes his chances. With a two hundred and sixty two mile run, you can easily make up a whole day on a slower runner or one who is not one hundred percent. Hopefully, I can report tonight when the run begins.

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