Sunday, November 16, 2008

Show Time

Just a quick note this morning. We are ready to go to the swim venue. Everyone is anxious to go. All of the gear is in place and the athlete´s have their race faces on. It is chilly outside, but should warm up well. I will check in after the swim this evening.


  1. Mack says, "Race, Nono. Good Luck! I love you."

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    We are staying at a Hampton Inn until tomorrow, when we will leave for the race site. The hotel offers us quiet rest, unlike the dorm type rooms at the sports village. I hope to post my first report after the swim on sunday. We are hoping for Wayne to complete the swim in under 9 hours, so that should put us around six o'clock sunday afternoon. We are on central standard time here, so we are an hour behind those of you in Pittsburgh.