Sunday, November 16, 2008

Race Day

Hello all,
The battle has been joined. Wayne arrived on the bike course at 4:53p.m. local time, disguised as a raisin. He was second out of the water after a brisk morning swim. Michelle from South Africa, via San Fransisco was the first athlete to finish the swim. Andreas from Germany is in third place, each is seperated by about twenty minutes. I am using the computer that the race has provided, I will get organized shortly. Night will fall soon and things should settle down. I am also helping Michelle, as she has no crew, but is very self sufficient. I will add another report once I get some warm clothes and and make sure everyone has what they need. I will add some pictures also.


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    Just a quick note this morning. We are ready to go to the swim venue. Everyone is anxious to go. All of the gear is in place and the athlete´s have their race faces on. It is chilly outside, but should warm up well. I will check in after the swim this evening.

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