Thursday, November 20, 2008

Final Day?

Virgil, back on line (who can guess what movie that line is from?). After a midday rest and four hours of sleep this morning, Wayne is back on the circuit and ready to go. He had a good rally last night before retiring for the evening. With forty-six laps remaining, we hope to finish late today. We do not want to return to the dorm, where there are three flights of steps to the room. Andreas has built a comfortable lead, Wayne and Michelle were tied when Wayne returned to the course. Michelle is still sleeping in her tent, so we may be able to gain a lap or two on her. I will let you know how the day goes. The lead athletes in the deca race are still going strong. Michael G. from Germany suffered his fourth flat of the race. When we returned from the dorm, I found his wheel resting against our supply table. It is a good thing that Wayne brought extra tires, as he has now borrowed his fourth tire from him. Thanks for all of the encouragement, it really helps when we hit down spots during the day.
p.s. - it takes me longer to type this here, as the keyboard for spanish is slightly different, and I keep hitting incorrect keys;)


  1. You're almost done now Wayne! Just imagine yourself relaxing in Napa. You're doing something that other people only dream about.
    You are a fierce competitor. You can sprint past Andreas!!!!!
    Rock step, rock step!

  2. You can do it Wayne, dig deep and get er done!

    pain is temporay, bragging rights are FOREVER!

  3. Wayne, we are so proud of you. This is amazing. You didn't marry into a Greek family for nothing. EAT! Now get those calories in you and run.