Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hola! from sunny Monterrey

It will probably take me a day to get organized, but here is the current scoop. More racers abandoned in the last two days. I think we are down to ten, who are still in the running. A few who have abandoned are still competing on their own schedules. Suraya and Arthur are racing every other day. Yves is out, but did try to continue. He was in the pool today when he began having trouble breathing. Not sure what may have happened, but the doctors had him out of the pool and were checking him. The early leader, Matej is also out, leaving Pascal as the current leader. The mood was somewhat somber before the start today, as everyone expected a great race between Matej and Pascal. Wayne is still very consistent and continues to move up the leader board. I am sure that the arrival of the Terrible Towel will help during the next few days. Wayne`s times continue to be just under fourteen hours for each race. The weather today is very hot, expected to get into the high eighties during the day. There is a slight breeze, which helps the support folks, but I am not sure how it effects the athletes. The race venue has been repaved, providing a smooth ride for the cycling portion of the race. I will check in later.


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