Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deca Day Three

Wayne had another solid day of racing, finishing in 13:47. Knocking out one Iron distance race in under 14 hours is tough enough, doing it for three straight days is incredible. This also allows him to get much needed rest each day. Jan had to leave so Wayne is on his own today and most of Friday. The race at the top has not changed much, Matej is still burning up the course each day. Ferenc seems to have found a groove early, Benat I do not know, but appears to be someone to watch. Keri has slowed a bit on the run, but that may have been a one day hitch. Yves, from Canada had a real good race on Wednesday, he may have just been warming up the first two days. Yves' brother Ben is there as the race photographer. If you go to the Multisport.MX website, you can see many of Ben's pictures online. I had to find a set of pedals to take to one of the racers, and Jan is having electrolytes and Hammer Fuel overnighted so I can take it with me. We are pretty lucky to have all this stuff so readily available to us here in the United States. I will not get any first hand reports Thursday or Friday, so the next post may not be until Saturday. Hasta Manana.

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  1. Hey Rick

    Great to read the updates on Wayne's race. We are all hoping that it goes well for him. Stacy and I are heading down to run JFK next week....going to ask that rd about his salary!!