Friday, November 13, 2009

Deca Iron day 4

Ho..Hum, another consistent race for Wayne on day four. He finished in 13:53 and is steadily moving up the leader board. I will get the cumulative totals on Saturday so you can all see where is overall. The top men are also putting in consistent efforts and show no signs of slowing. I talked with Wayne's wife Jan, as she is back home, and Wayne was in good spirits, which is the key to the race. There are many folks there that will help him until backup arrives tonight.

If you look at the results page, you will notice other races going on at the same time. Marcel, who won the deca last year, is doing fifty (50) olympic distance triathlons in ten days. Silvia Andonie, the race directors wife, is doing ten (10) half-ironman races in ten days. Silvia is unbelievable, she once did a double deca-iron race. That's right, twenty iron races in a row. Arthur Puckin, 72 years young, from England, is doing an iron race every other day, so he will have five in at the end. Giselle Andonie, the race directors daughter, is doing an olympic distance race every day. I am not sure what Suraya is going to complete, and it looks like Michael Gaertner is back on the course. I will try to get the scoop this weekend.

I will next be reporting live from sunny Monterrey.


  1. Wayne is Mr. Consistancy!!!!

    Give him a hug from the Holtons and make sure he eats some blueberries...

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