Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 7 at the Deca Iron

The sixth day had a few twists, but it looks as though everyone is still doing well. Pascal and Ferenc are battling for the top spot, and both are running extremly well. Gregor has had good swims and bikes, but continues to be plauged by a sore ankle. He does look a bit better today, though. He has had to walk the marathon for the past two days, grimacing through each lap. Peter, from England is having trouble with a blister under one of his toes. It is causing him much pain, and the medical staff has refused to drain it. They will tend to it once it drains naturally. In an effort to help Peter on the bike, we modified one of his cycling shoes by cutting away part of the toebox, this seems to be helping. Wayne is eating and drinking beyond expectations and it is paying off with more consistency. His times vary little each day and he still has energy left. He will decide later in the race if he has to turn it up a notch. He has a fairly good lead over Keri, and is still a few hours behind Peter in the overall standings. With his consistent finishes, he may be able to move up if anyone falters. I have trouble getting on the computer, as there are many kids here that sit and play games on them all day. I hate to be the bully and tell them to stop. The weather is still hot, but Monday may be a little cooler. We are hoping for a little cloud cover.
Will check in later.


  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Please tell Wayne that Charlotte NC and Inside Out Sports is cheering for him. We are so impressed.


  2. Way to go Wayne...Dad and I are now followers! Keep up the great work!