Friday, October 7, 2011

Deca iron

Today is the eighth day of the Deca iron race in Sicily. It is very windy on the course, but no rain is expected. I was sorry to hear that Kari Martens from Sweden had dropped from the race. The paddock area will be a little lonelier for the next few days as his crew is always fun to work with. Kari mentioned that his neck was too sore to continue. For those of you that know Kari, it is amazing that he was even able to start the race this year. He was hit by a car while riding his bike about a year ago, and almost died.
We had what I would consider a small miracle yesterday. After Wayne's right leg began to swell three days ago, we thought he would be reduced to walking the marathon each day. The Wednesday marathon was over eight hours! We changed from just compression sleeves to compression sleeves/socks, had Petra tape the front of the shin with kinesiotape, and started an Ibuprofen regimen. The result was great, he was able to knock two hours off the marathon on Thursday. Today, the swelling has subsided some and we hope he is able to run again this evening. Ice is still difficult to find, but we ice the leg when possible.
The double iron race began this morning. That should help by having more athletes on the course this evening. It gets lonely at night after the fast guys finish up.
With three days left, everyone's mood is getting brighter, the end is in sight.


  1. Rick, your posts are helpful as we are so far away and thinking of Wayne. Mack keeps asking if his Nono is winning. It is very difficult to explain the difference between this kind of event and a sprint kind of race. In summary we say, GO, WAYNE, GO! ~ With Love, Steph, Dave, Mack and Irena

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