Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day nine of the deca

All of the athletes are are starting to get excited about the conclusion of the race. Day eight went well, Wayne had reduced swelling in the lower leg and was able to run most of the marathon. He did back it down a bit so that days nine and ten would go smoothly. We expect rain every day, but did not get any, there was plenty of wind though. As I write this, Wayne is already out on the run on the ninth day. His 6:58 for the 112 mile course was his faster yet. This means if the run goes well, we will have another night with plenty of sleep. Only one more day to go after today, everyone is feeling the effects of the long race, it should be a good day on Sunday, rain or not.


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  2. All of the athletes are are starting to get excited about the conclusion of the race. Day eight went well, Wayne had reduced swelling in the lower le
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  6. No groups in Egypt seem prepared to guide the transition to civilian rule because the old order co-opted, eviscerated or abolished the institutions that could have done so.
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    North Korea warned on Thursday that any military clash on a disputed maritime border could escalate into an attack on the presidential office in Seoul, threatening to engulf the South Korean leadership “in a sea of fire.”

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    India legend Sachin Tendulkar falls six runs short of his 100th international century, out for 94 in the third Test against West Indies in his home city of Mumbai.

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    Stock and bond market experts on Sunday evening said Wall Street markets likely would not react in a major way on Monday, as the automatic cuts still provide somewhat of an insurance policy that the annual deficit could be curtailed.

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    The California High-Speed Rail Authority projected that the bullet train would create 100,000 jobs and argued that one way or another, California would have to spend money to develop its transportation system to accommodate a population increase of an estimated 25 million over the next 20 years.

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    As leading Republicans began openly questioning how Herman Cain has handled the sexual allegations against him, he remained defiant Wednesday.

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    There was even some evidence that Tea Party Republicans were viewing Democrats a little less harshly. The share of people in Tea Party districts who viewed the Democrats unfavorably had fallen to 50 percent in October, from 57 percent in August.

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    India's Telecom and Information Technology minister Kapil Sibal summoned the companies and representatives of Google and Yahoo to a series of meetings to complain about "offensive" material published against his Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi and the prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh

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    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with senior Syrian National Council members in Geneva to discuss their specific ideas for transitioning toward democracy, especially any ideas that include reaching out to minorities.

    It was Clinton’s first meeting with the seven individuals, which included the Syrian National Council’s president and its human rights and civil society coordinator.

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    “I think that is not a balanced approach,” Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland said.

    “That is obviously leverage to get to where we need to get to. I am for a full balanced approach that brings down spending and allows the revenues to be adequate to pay for our bills,” Cardin explained.

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