Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recover From The Holidays Recap

Our annual fun run is becoming quite a tradition as 75 folks came out on a cold and blustery day to start the new year and new decade. The temps were in the low teens all day with plenty of ice on the trails. Don, Ken, Chuck, Mark and I were out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to mark the course. We wanted to find a way to eliminate the asphalt portions of the course and Don succeeded. We had the Boyce/Mayview park pavilion as the run headquarters, and people brought all manner of food and drink for everyone to enjoy. Jeff Bowden was not feeling well enough to run, but he braved the cold for five hours as he staffed the start area, serving food and hot beverages to cold and tired runners. Cam Baker brought a torpedo heater which was put to good use. With the cold temperatures leading up to the event, we anticipated a low turnout, but we were pleasantly surprised by the number of runners who showed up. I guess a fun run with some friends trumps cold, snowy weather. Bob and Jim from Youngstown and a few other folks from Ohio made the trip east and had a fun time. Those of us who brought warm clothes were able to hang around and wait for everyone to finish, which ended up being about eight and one-half hours, when Don K. and Sue W. finally reached the pavilion. Our next fun run will be the Mingo Mingle in February. The info can be found at laurelultra.com/mingo_mingle.htm. I will send out a reminder as it gets a little closer.

I finished putting the finishing touches on my Arrowhead 135 sled and got out for a test run with the complete gear kit that I will be using in Minnesota. Everything worked perfectly, now I just have to finish working on the motor and I will be set for the race which begins on Feb. 1.

We are having a meeting on Sunday to decide what course will be run at Laurel this year. There has been a lot going on this week with respect to the bridge closing. We should have more answers after the meeting and I will post an update early next week.


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