Monday, October 12, 2009

Bob Fargo's Oil Creek Race Report

Well, the weather decided to cooperate just in time and, with the exception of a few minor details, the organizers put on a pretty nice event. I have to admit, leading up to the race and even while running, I just couldn’t figure out where they got 8,600’+ of elevation gain and loss for the 50-mile course. Sunday morning, my quads were starting to realize that there really might have been that much!

Even though I haven’t seen any results posted yet, I can say that Sarah and Dan both ran a fantastic 50k, the second for both of them, and both getting in under 8 hours. (And, I heard through the grapevine that Sarah has been offered a recording contract by an Oil City record label for her performance Friday night!)

Rick was methodical, his stride looking exactly the same at the end as it did at the start. He smoked me over the last 15 miles of the 50M to keep it under 10 hours (by 40 seconds).

As promised, Chuck kept it casual all day. If he had been doing the 100, he certainly would have been near the top by the end. As he often does, he was getting progressively stronger as the miles passed.

I got passed by the three top women in the last four miles. They had been running within just a few minutes of each other all day. I did manage to real in the third women on the bike path leading into town and ran with her up the school driveway, but then did the gallant thing and stopped before the finish so that she and her two competitors could finish in succession, the way they had run all day.

Jason and David appeared to be in good spirits at the end of their first loop of the 100M. David, did you keep that pulled pork sandwich down?

Peter looked strong heading out the bike path at the start of loop #2, and I never did come across Bob. Maybe he took a detour back to the brew pub.

Regardless of your individual outcome, congratulations on having what it takes to get to the starting line and at least enjoying what turned out to be a very nice fall weekend in the Penn’s Woods.


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