Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ultra running update

The Burning River 100 near Cleveland just finished and we had a respectable showing of runners from the Pittsburgh area. Congratulations to Brian Ottinger for completing his first one hundred mile foot race. Also finishing were Wayne Kurtz, Marie Bartoletti and Philip Westlake. The course may not be as tough as many trail runs, but the weather certainly had an effect on all of the runners. It looked to be warm and humid for most of the day. I will try to get a report from one of the runners.

I talked with Dave Micklo yesterday, and he will send a report on the first two races of the ultrarunning "Grand Slam". If you run into Dave, wish him luck at Leadville later this month and at Wasatch in early September.

Now that it is August, many runners are training for their fall races. If you get a minute, let me know what you are running so we can keep track of you. Don't forget about the Greek Fun Run in North Park later this month. It will be our last fun run this year, and will be a great tune-up for your fall races. It is a six-hour run, but you don't have to do all six hours. If you want to do less, just come later and enjoy the post race picnic. It will be a great time to share your running stories with like minded people. The webpage is:Greek Fun Run


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